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Ask the Experts: Yanna Berman from Urban Mamaz

Ask the Experts is a new series in our blog. We will ask Etsy coaches and experienced Etsy sellers a few questions regarding running a successful Etsy shop.
The first Etsy expert who answered our questions is Yanna Berman from Urban Mamaz.

Tell us more about you and your Etsy experience

Yanna Berman, Urban Mamaz

I’m Yanna Berman, working as a digital marketing specialist for the last 7 years and the founder of Urban Mamaz which is a lifestyle blog for creative and career driven women and an Etsy shop where I sell my digital art, stickers and printables. 

My journey as a digital marketer started after I opened my first Etsy shop. Back then, I was selling jewelry on Etsy and I looked for ways to get traffic and increase my revenue. I was fascinated by digital marketing and learned everything about it. Took an SEO course, ran campaigns on Facebook, learned everything about Pinterest marketing and different methods that helped me promote my Etsy shop and my blog. 

Over time I started working as a digital marketer in a leading media company and helped businesses with increasing their brand awareness and conversions and worked as a freelancer and teached Etsy shop owners all about online marketing for Etsy.

What do you like the most about Etsy?

I like Etsy because it is very user friendly for beginners. When I first started my shop, I didn’t know all the things I know today, but still it was very easy to open the shop. Opening a shop on Etsy is a quick and easy process that includes just a few simple steps, and at the end of it, people get a professional looking shop and it is also easy to manage. Everyone can start a shop and you only need a few dollars to start it, which is something that people are looking for. You literally don’t need to spend much until you sell your products, just a small fee on every product you publish.

Is SEO really important for Etsy?

SEO is super important for Etsy and everyone who wants to sell online must learn SEO to succeed! I love SEO and as I mentioned above, I took an SEO course that changed the way I’m thinking and do marketing online. SEO can help business owners discover what exactly their customers want! This is how I started my current Etsy shop. I was working on my Etsy video tutorial and I accidentally found a bunch of keywords that had low competition on Etsy, but high monthly volumes. I knew right away that this was an opportunity to earn money. I also learned graphic design so digital stickers were the perfect products for me, which were also perfect for selling on Etsy! I couldn’t discover it without doing keyword research and Etsy SEO. 

Do you use data for making decisions for your Etsy business?

Sure, I use data to make all my online marketing decisions! Keyword research, competitor analysis, and looking for anything that can help me make data driven smart decisions.

Do you use any tools to sell or market your products outside Etsy?

I use Pinterest that works perfectly with Etsy! Every Etsy shop owner should start their own Pinterest account and promote their products on it. Pinterest is the best social media for driving free traffic into your Etsy shop and it helped me a lot with my own Etsy shop and blog. I even wrote a whole guide on how to do Pinterest marketing and share the strategies that I used to get over 150K monthly visitors to my website.

What do you like the most about Koalanda?

I think that Koalanda is one of the best keyword research tools for Etsy shop owners! I like that it has a free version for people who want to try the platform, the monthly prices are affordable and it looks like the Koalanda team really knows how to make SEO work! I also love the top Etsy shop listicles that help with competition and market research. There are also plenty of other great features that help detect SEO issues on Etsy shops and optimize them easily!

What makes an Etsy shop successful?

The first thing that makes an Etsy shop successful is its owner and the tools he uses to manage his shop! An Etsy shop owner has to deal with many things that are not always related to his main business activity, and one of them is digital marketing. I know many small business owners that hate it and I think it is just because they don’t understand it or are afraid of it. When you use the right tools and understand that running a business is not all about creating the product, everything gets easier! It’s important to learn from the people who made it and use data to make smart business decisions to save time and resources.

What are your tips for selling more on Etsy?

First, never give up! There may be pivots along the way that can change the direction of your business.
Invest in a good SEO course!
Take beautiful images of your products – you have less than a second to impress your future customers!
Be creative and collaborate with other Etsy shop owners and content creators!

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