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How to Boost Your Etsy Sales with Email Marketing

In the competitive landscape of online selling, establishing meaningful connections with customers is key to success for Etsy sellers. Email marketing serves as a valuable tool in fostering these connections by enabling direct communication with customers. Through personalized email campaigns, sellers can effectively showcase their products and cultivate lasting relationships with their audience. In this guide, we’ll explore the fundamentals of email marketing for Etsy, offering practical insights and strategies to help sellers leverage this powerful tool effectively.

The value of email marketing in your Etsy strategy

Email marketing stands as a highly efficient tool for businesses across platforms like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and beyond. Its effectiveness is rooted in direct customer engagement and a high return on investment, emphasizing the need to build a robust email subscriber list. This introductory section will outline key strategies for developing your list, ensuring you can capitalize on email marketing’s potential to connect with and retain your audience effectively.

The value of email marketing in your Etsy strategy

Cost-efficiency through high ROI

Email marketing stands out for its impressive return on investment (ROI). Studies have shown that for every dollar invested in email marketing, businesses can expect to see up to $35 in return. This remarkable efficiency stems from several key factors.

Primarily, email marketing targets individuals who have willingly subscribed to receive your communications. This audience’s inherent interest in your offerings translates into higher engagement rates with your emails and a greater likelihood of considering your products, offers, and updates.

Moreover, email marketing facilitates the segmentation of your customer base into more targeted groups. A common method is geographic segmentation, allowing for tailored email campaigns that resonate with local customs or holidays, significantly boosting the relevance and effectiveness of your messages to each recipient.

Cost-effectiveness further underscores the value of email marketing. Managing an email list can be extremely cost-efficient or even free. The typical expense associated with email marketing is a modest monthly fee for using a platform, which is minimal compared to the per-click costs associated with Etsy ads or Google ads, where expenses can quickly accumulate.

Increased numbers of repeat customers

Email marketing serves as an invaluable resource for re-engaging past customers, drawing them back to your shop time and again. In today’s information-saturated environment, establishing a direct line of communication via email with your loyal customer base is essential. It ensures your brand remains top-of-mind, counteracting the ease with which consumers might otherwise forget about your offerings. Notably, rekindling interest among previous customers is generally more straightforward and cost-effective than winning over new ones. This efficiency makes email marketing not just a tool for communication, but a strategic asset in maintaining and enhancing customer loyalty.

Independence from Etsy

One great thing about having a good email marketing plan is that your email list belongs to you, not to Etsy. This means if you decide to leave Etsy and sell somewhere else or start your own website, you can easily tell all your email subscribers about it. Then, you can keep talking to them just like before. This is really important nowadays because Etsy shops can be suspended for many reasons. Having your own email list gives you freedom and keeps you connected with your customers, no matter where you sell.

Building your email subscriber list

By now, we hope you’re convinced that email marketing deserves a spot in your promotional toolkit. So, let’s dive into a critical aspect of our guide: how can Etsy sellers, particularly those who are just starting out with few sales and customers, begin to build an email list? There are several strategies to accomplish this, and we’re about to explore some effective methods below.

Building Email List

Choose the right email marketing platform

Starting off, the initial step is to select an email marketing service. This platform will be where you manage your email list and dispatch your campaigns. The market offers a variety of reputable options, including Mailchimp, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, and GetResponse, among others. Many of these services provide a free tier for those starting out, accommodating the first few hundred emails on your list, making it quite straightforward to begin.

When you choose a service, you typically need to complete three key actions:

  1. Register for a free account.
  2. Enter details about your business.
  3. Create an email list and a signup form linked to it.

Remember to save the link to your signup form; it will be needed in the next steps.

Simplify the subscription process

The following step is to ensure that every visitor to your Etsy shop has the chance to join your email list. To achieve this, you’ll want to incorporate links to your signup form in as many places as possible:

  • Within your shop’s announcement section.
  • In the descriptions of your listings.
  • On your shop’s banner.
  • As part of a dedicated listing image.
  • In automatic messages sent after an order is placed.

While these locations are among the most straightforward and visible spots to encourage subscriptions, they’re just the starting point. Although some visitors will sign up through these methods and potentially become customers, relying solely on these tactics may not grow your list as quickly as you’d like. For a more rapid expansion of your email list, you’ll need to think beyond these basic strategies.

Craft an irresistible opt-in offer

To effectively encourage people to subscribe to your mailing list, you need to offer them something compelling in return. Tempting new subscribers with exclusive benefits can significantly increase your subscription rates. If your Etsy shop deals with digital items, consider sending a free digital product as a welcome gift. Alternatively, offering a coupon code for a discount or free shipping on their first purchase is another enticing incentive. An even more engaging approach is to give new subscribers the chance to win a free product. You could organize a monthly draw where one new subscriber is randomly chosen to receive a free item from your shop. This strategy not only incentivizes sign-ups but also builds excitement and engagement around your brand.

Leverage social media to grow your list

Just because someone follows you on social media doesn’t imply they wouldn’t also appreciate your emails. If you have a following on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or elsewhere, you should invite them to join your mailing list. It’s beneficial to remind them periodically, every few months, about this opportunity. There are several important reasons for doing so. First, remember that your social media profiles are not entirely under your control. You’re at the whim of the platform’s policies, and should your account be compromised, for example, through hacking, you could lose all your contacts, posing a significant setback to your business. Moreover, social media algorithms are notoriously selective about what content gets shown to whom. Posting something doesn’t guarantee visibility to all your followers. By maintaining an email list, you effectively circumvent these issues, ensuring a direct line of communication with your audience.

Encouraging subscriptions with every purchase

To engage your existing customers directly and encourage them to subscribe to your mailing list, consider adding a personal touch with a thank-you note included in your packages. Use a tool like Canva to design an eye-catching thank-you card that expresses your gratitude. Within this note, you can include a QR code that links directly to your email list sign-up form, making it convenient for customers to subscribe with a simple scan. Take this opportunity to entice them with the benefits of subscribing, such as exclusive offers, insights, or early access to new products. This approach not only shows appreciation for their purchase but also provides a seamless invitation to stay connected through your email list, enhancing the likelihood of future interactions and purchases.

Maximizing the potential of your email list

Imagine you’ve worked hard and now you’ve reached a significant point: you have 100 emails on your list. This opens up new possibilities for increasing your sales in the future. Now, the focus shifts to how you can use this list effectively. In the sections that follow, we’ll discuss some practical steps you can take to engage your subscribers, strengthen your relationship with them, and ultimately, boost your sales over time.

How To Use Your Email List Effectively

Welcome series for new subscribers

Setting up a brief welcome series for new subscribers is a smart move. Even though they’ve signed up, they might not be fully acquainted with your brand, its mission, or your passion. The welcome series consists of a sequence of 2-3 emails designed to introduce your subscriber to your brand. These emails offer a great opportunity to share more about the people behind your brand and what makes it stand out. This approach can be highly effective in securing the loyalty of your subscribers by giving them a deeper understanding of your values and vision.

New product announcements

Informing subscribers about new items and collections in your shop is essential. Whenever you introduce new products or collections, make sure to notify your subscribers via email. This keeps them updated on the latest offerings from your shop and encourages repeat visits and purchases.

Promotions and discounts announcements

Ensure your subscribers are the first to know about any promotions or discounts. Keeping them in the loop makes them feel valued and increases the likelihood of their engagement with your offers.

Exclusive deals for subscribers

Create special offers that are exclusive to your mailing list subscribers. This exclusivity fosters a sense of belonging and appreciation, encouraging them to remain subscribed and engaged with your brand.

Event invitations

If you participate in or host events, your email list is the perfect channel for inviting your audience. This could include online webinars, workshops, or in-person events like pop-up shops. For in-person events, make sure to harness the power of audience segmentation to invite only those who are in your area or country.

Surveys and feedback requests

Use your email list to gather insights directly from your customers. Ask for feedback on your products, website, or what they’d like to see more of. This not only provides valuable information for your business but also makes your customers feel heard and valued.

Keeping the rules for email marketing

Growing your email list can take time, especially in the beginning. You might be tempted to find quick ways to get more subscribers. But it’s important to play by the rules. Etsy has strict rules for sellers, and breaking them could lead to your shop getting shut down. Make sure you know the rules, especially those about handling customer emails under GDPR and CCPA. Following these rules keeps your shop safe and avoids any problems.


In summary, cultivating an email list can be a valuable asset for your Etsy business, enabling direct communication with your audience and fostering long-term sales growth. While it may take time to build your list naturally, focusing on delivering value to your subscribers is key. By offering engaging content, exclusive offers, and personalized experiences, you can strengthen relationships with your customers and enhance brand loyalty. Embracing ethical practices and maintaining transparency in your email marketing efforts will not only support your business’s success but also nurture trust and goodwill among your audience.

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