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Best Selling Products on Etsy: Home & Living

  • Post published:December 27, 2023
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Exploring the best selling products on Etsy in the Home & Living category reveals a world where creativity meets practicality. Etsy, celebrated for its exceptional, artisan-crafted items, is the go-to destination for those seeking to personalize their living environments. This article showcases a selection of the most sought-after products, loved by Etsy enthusiasts globally. From the comfort of customized pillows to the bespoke glow of neon signs, each item transcends its basic function to become a statement of individual taste and lifestyle. Dive into the world of these bestsellers and understand why they resonate so strongly with Etsy’s diverse audience.

Planters and pots

People planter from DapperBuilds

As an Etsy seller, you have the opportunity to meet the growing demand for unique planters and pots. These items are more than just containers for plants; they’re a way for customers to express their style and bring a piece of nature into their homes. Highlight the variety and uniqueness of your planters and pots, showing customers how they can enhance their living spaces with these artisanal pieces.

Focus on the range of styles, sizes, and materials you offer. Whether your customers are looking for small pots for their succulents or larger statement pieces for indoor trees, having a diverse selection appeals to a wide audience. Emphasize the craftsmanship and unique design of each piece, which are key factors for customers wanting to add a personal touch to their home decor.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

3d printed planter41 / 10010,637
hanging planter37 / 10027,999
orchid pot32 / 1006,419

Personalized photo frames

Custom wood photo frame from WallfrogGraphics

Personalized photo frames on Etsy are a great way for you to connect with customers seeking sentimental and bespoke items. These frames go beyond just displaying pictures; they offer a way to capture and showcase cherished memories uniquely. Encourage your customers to think of these frames as customizable pieces that can hold special moments, quotes, or names, making each frame a personal keepsake.

Your focus should be on the customization possibilities – engraving names, dates, or special messages, and offering a variety of materials and styles. This level of personalization is what draws customers in, as they look for meaningful ways to decorate their space or find the perfect gift. By highlighting how these frames can turn a simple photo into a cherished memory, you can appeal to customers looking for something more than just a standard frame.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

5×7 picture frame51 / 10026,283
vintage picture frame37 / 10048,896
ultrasound frame35 / 1002,726

Custom neon sign

Custom neon sign from ManhattanNeons

You can tap into the growing trend of custom neon signs. These signs are not just about lighting; they’re a way for customers to express their personality or brand in a vibrant, eye-catching way. Highlight to your customers how these signs can personalize and transform any space, whether it’s a cozy home corner or a business venue.

Emphasize the customization options you offer – from choosing specific words and colors to different sizes. This personalization is what attracts a broad range of customers, from individuals wanting to add a unique touch to their home to businesses looking to make an impactful visual statement. By focusing on the sign’s ability to reflect personal style, you can draw in customers seeking something distinct and meaningful for their spaces.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

custom neon sign67 / 10061,304
wedding neon sign17 / 10020,073
neon logo sign21 / 1007,163

Christmas ornaments

Family Christmas ornament from APKhome

Christmas ornaments on Etsy are a fantastic opportunity to connect with customers looking for something special and festive. These decorations are popular because they allow people to bring their own stories and styles into their holiday traditions. From hand-painted baubles to vintage-inspired designs, your range of ornaments can cater to a variety of tastes and preferences, making each Christmas tree unique and personal.

Encourage your customers to think outside the box with your collection. Offer ornaments that can be used in innovative ways, like as part of a table centerpiece or as unique gift tags. By highlighting the versatility and creative potential of your ornaments, you can attract those who love to add a personal and imaginative touch to their holiday decor. Show them how these ornaments can be more than just tree decorations – they can be keepsakes that capture the magic and joy of the season.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

christmas tree topper35 / 10041,711
funny christmas ornaments57 / 10076,033
antique christmas ornaments53 / 10041,851

Sourdough Starter

sourdough starter

San Francisco sourdough starter from MomsSanFranSourdough

Etsy’s sourdough starter kits are a unique niche for customers passionate about baking and traditional cooking methods. These starters appeal to the growing trend of home baking, offering a way for customers to create their own artisanal breads. Your sourdough starters can provide an authentic, hands-on baking experience, which is especially appealing to those looking to delve into the art of sourdough making.

Highlight the quality and origin of your sourdough starters, emphasizing their ability to yield delicious, homemade bread. You can also provide tips and recipes, making it easier for beginners to get started. This approach not only sells a product but also an experience – the joy of creating something from scratch. By tapping into the appeal of homemade, wholesome baking, you can attract customers who are eager to explore the world of sourdough bread making.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

sourdough starter51 / 1002,250
sourdough kit18 / 100420
bread starter11 / 1001,931

Whiskey accessories

Personalized wooden whiskey dispenser from MHGiftStudio

For customers who appreciate the finer things in life, your range of whiskey accessories on Etsy can be a real draw. These products are sought after by enthusiasts looking to enhance their whiskey experience. From elegant decanters and unique whiskey stones to personalized glasses and tasting flight boards, each accessory offers a way to elevate the enjoyment of this classic spirit.

In showcasing your whiskey accessories, focus on the craftsmanship and the quality of materials used. Highlight how these accessories can enhance the flavor and presentation of whiskey, appealing to both connoisseurs and casual drinkers. Offering sets or collections can also be attractive, providing customers with a comprehensive package for hosting or gifting. By positioning these accessories as a blend of functionality and luxury, you can appeal to those looking to indulge in their passion for whiskey or searching for the perfect gift for a whiskey lover.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

whiskey glasses58 / 10036,780
whiskey decanter58 / 10018,158
whiskey smoker31 / 1001,254

Cutting boards

King of the grill cutting board from CustomEngravedCo

Etsy’s cutting boards are not just kitchen tools; they are a blend of functionality and artistry. Your cutting boards can attract a wide range of customers, from cooking enthusiasts to those looking to add a stylish touch to their kitchen. These boards often serve dual purposes – as a practical item for food preparation and as a decorative piece when not in use.

To capture the interest of potential buyers, emphasize the unique designs, quality of materials, and craftsmanship of your cutting boards. Whether they are made from sustainably sourced wood, feature beautiful inlays, or come in unusual shapes, each aspect can be a selling point. Additionally, offering customization options, like engraving names or special messages, can turn these boards into thoughtful gifts or special additions to someone’s home. By combining utility with aesthetic appeal, your cutting boards can stand out to customers looking for something both practical and beautiful for their kitchens.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

engraved cutting board63 / 10037,353
epoxy cutting board31 / 1005 208
personalized cutting board33 / 10059 927


Engraved marble wood coaster set from MENGCACA

Coasters on Etsy offer a delightful blend of practicality and design, making them appealing to a wide audience. They’re not just about protecting surfaces; they’re a small, affordable way for customers to add a touch of style or personality to their living spaces. Your coasters can range from minimalist designs that suit any decor to vibrant, artistic pieces that make a statement.

When marketing your coasters, emphasize their dual role as functional items and decorative pieces. Point out the variety of materials you use, like ceramic, wood, or recycled materials, and how these contribute to both durability and aesthetic appeal. Offering sets of coasters can be particularly appealing, as they make great gifts or can be used to create a cohesive look in a customer’s home. By showcasing the unique designs and practical uses of your coasters, you can attract buyers looking for simple yet impactful ways to enhance their home decor.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

wooden coasters49 / 10033 003
resin coasters43 / 10044 402
leather coasters set30 / 1004 092


US national parks map from CMSDesignStudio

Maps on Etsy offer a unique appeal for those interested in geography, travel, or history. These aren’t just ordinary maps; they can be artistic representations of places, custom-made to showcase a special location or journey. Your maps can cater to a variety of interests, from vintage-style world maps for history buffs to modern, minimalist city maps for urban explorers.

When promoting your maps, focus on the storytelling aspect. Encourage customers to commemorate their travels, favorite cities, or dream destinations. Highlight the customization options, like adding personal markers or dates, which can turn these maps into meaningful keepsakes or thoughtful gifts. By positioning these maps as a way to celebrate personal stories and adventures, you can attract customers looking for a unique piece of art that holds special significance.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

KeywordSearch ScoreCompetition
usa push pin map31 / 1001 980
scratch off map32 / 1001 100
world travel map30 / 10032 002

Personalized pillows

Custom grandma’s garden pillow from JamesonKitchenShop

Personalized pillows on Etsy provide a unique opportunity for customers to add a personal touch to their home decor. These items are more than just comfortable accessories; they’re a canvas for personal expression. Whether it’s a custom quote, a family name, or a cherished photo, these pillows allow customers to create something that’s uniquely theirs.

In promoting your personalized pillows, highlight the range of customization options you offer. This could include various fabrics, colors, and text or image printing options. Emphasize how these pillows can serve multiple purposes: as a cozy addition to a living room, a memorable gift for special occasions, or a unique decorative piece for bedrooms. By focusing on the personalization aspect and the quality of your craftsmanship, you can appeal to customers looking for items that add a special, personalized touch to their living spaces.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

monogrammed pillow33 / 10016 396
pet pillow39 / 10034 613
tooth fairy pillow33 / 10010 078

How to find best selling products on Etsy

Discovering best selling products or untapped product niches on Etsy is a challenging endeavor. The platform is brimming with an ever-increasing number of sellers globally, leading to intense competition in many niches. Moreover, emerging niches are quickly identified and saturated by competitors.

To excel in Etsy product research, speed and efficiency are key. It’s critical to avoid investing time in products that lack demand. Basing your decisions on guesswork or unverified intuition is a risk that could impact your success. Making informed decisions, grounded in solid data such as listing sales and keyword search volumes, is essential for achieving your goals.

Koalanda is specifically designed to assist with these challenges. It enables you to view all the top Etsy products currently on Etsy. Offering the most precise listing sales data that is updated daily, Koalanda stands out in the market. Its extensive variety of filters, such as by category or product type, renders the tool indispensable.

Screenshot Koalanda

Additionally, Koalanda’s suite of Etsy keyword tools simplifies the process of finding long-tail keywords. With insights derived from actual user searches and purchasing behavior, Koalanda’s Search Score emerges as the optimal metric for identifying Etsy keywords that have high search volume and low competition.

Screenshot Koalanda


In conclusion, the best selling products on Etsy in the Home & Living category truly showcase the platform’s unique ability to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Each product, from the artisan-crafted planters to the personalized photo frames, represents not just a purchase but a personal statement by the buyer. Etsy stands as a testament to the power of individual expression in everyday items, bringing a touch of personal flair to homes around the world. Whether you’re an Etsy seller looking to understand market trends or a shopper seeking something special, these top-selling items are a clear indicator of what makes Etsy a beloved marketplace for unique, handcrafted goods.

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