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From Which Countries are the Most Successful Etsy Shops?

More than half of all buyers and sellers on Etsy are from the US. At the same time, Etsy is a truly international platform where shops from 232 countries and territories compete for a market share. Koalanda collects information for every active Etsy shop on a daily basis. Here are some of the interesting facts that our data show.

Highest number of shops and sales

The US is without question the country with the most sellers, sales and listings on Etsy. The second and third countries by these three criteria are the UK and Canada. The US holds the first place according to these criteria in each of the 15 categories on Etsy. In almost all of the cases, the top three is again made up of the UK and Canada.

The highest-ranking shops by number of total sales are also predominantly from the US. In only two of the categories the most successful shops are not from the US — Toys & Games and Pet Supplies, where the top sellers are shops from Ukraine (BusyPuzzle and SoGoodSoWood, respectively). The top 10 by highest number of shops and sales will almost always include Australia, Germany, France, Ukraine and China.

Best sales to number of shops ratio

It is, however, far more interesting to compare the rankings with reference to “average sales per shop” (i.e., the total number of sales of all the shops within a particular country divided by the total number of shops from that country). By this yardstick, the US, the UK and Canada don’t even make the top 10 (they rank between 24th and 40th place of all 232 countries on Etsy). Instead, we see some curious contestants in the top 10, such as French Polynesia, Macao, Laos and Cambodia. It should be mentioned, however, that these countries have a small number of shops (under 100), which is a key factor contributing to their impressive performance under this criterion. If we only compare counties with at least 100 active Etsy shops, the top 10 will look like this: China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Thailand, Israel, Taiwan and Philippines.

The top three, comprising China, South Korea and Hong Kong, are in a league of their own, with over 1000 sales per shop. The performance of the shops from Bulgaria, Lithuania and Latvia is also worth noting, as they rank higher than many larger countries, such as France and Germany for instance (and another 200+ countries).

(Note – Russia and Belarus are excluded from the presented rankings. Due to the current political situation and the enforced sanctions against these countries, most of their Etsy shops have been closed. This is the reason why the two countries occupy some of the top positions in the statistics on

By category

As usual, examining the data by category makes things more colorful and interesting. Below we are going to have a brief look at each of the 15 categories on Etsy and find out which countries have the most successful shops in each category.

Top shops on Etsy in each category – May 2022

Home & Living

Home & Living is the category with the highest number of Etsy shops — over 780,000. It is also the category with the most listings. The shop boasting the highest number of sales is ilovelotus, with 10 years of experience and over 760,000 completed sales to date. The top 10 shops by number of sales in this category are all from the US. What’s more, there are only 5 shops in the first 50 that are not from the US — four shops from the UK and one from Canada.

Art & Collectibles

The Art & Collectibles category includes more than 500,000 Etsy sellers competing for a market share (close to 572,000 as of May 2022). The top performer by number of sales here is GlitterWithGraceCo from the US, with 436,000 completed sales to date. In the top 20 highest selling shops in the category we can see 5 shops that opened as late as 2020, but have already whizzed past the competition.


Another very competitive category comprising over 390,000 sellers. This is also the first category, in which some of the shops in the top 20 are not from the US, the UK and Canada. Instead, 2 shops from Spain and 1 from Germany have managed to secure their high spots. The undisputed champion in this category is the shop CaitlynMinimalist with over 1.6 million total sales. Given the shop’s rate of selling — over 12,000 sales for the last 7 days and over 44,000 for the last month — it is only a matter of time before it replaces PlannerKate1as the absolute best-selling shop on Etsy.


The top shops in the Clothing category are also predominantly from the US. In fact, only 5 of the best 50 by number of sales are not from the US, but from the UK, Lithuania, India, and 2 shops from Bulgaria. The shops from Germany, Lithuania and Bulgaria are occupying the 4th, 5th and 6th place by total number of sales in the category (ahead of Australia, China and India). According to the “sales per shop” indicator, the top position is claimed by Bulgaria with nearly 1,600 average sales per shop. The best-selling shop in this category is ToughCookieClothing from the US.

Paper & Party Supplies

This category is the domain of PlannerKate1 — the shop with the highest number of sales to date (over 1.8 million). The top shops in this category include representatives from Canada, the Netherlands and the UK. With 787 sales per shop on average, the category occupies the third place based on this indicator.


There are more than 200,000 shops fighting for a piece of the pie in this category. The shop boasting the highest number of sales is once again from the US — ThinkPinkBows. Curiously, the second and forth places by number of sales are claimed by shops with only 2 years of experience. In this short time span, BeWellGroup managed to complete over half a million sales, and LoveLinax — over 180,000. How is that even possible? Well, part of the secret must be that the two shops specialize in selling face masks, one of the most sought after products in 2020.

Craft Supplies & Tools

Craft Supplies & Tools is the category with the highest number of sales and also with the most average sales per shop on Etsy (over 2,000). However, don’t forget to take into account the fact that the products in this category are significantly cheaper than the items in Clothing, for instance. The top-selling shop here (with nearly 1.5 million sales) is Beadboat1 from the US. The remaining two spots in the top three are currently held by shops from Turkey — yakutum and KJewelryMetal — with close to 1 million sales each.

Bath & Beauty

Bath & Beauty is one of the less competitive categories comprising around 150,000 shops. ThePlantGuru from the US is the reigning champion in this category with nearly 350,000 sales. Here we see many new shops in the top 20, half of which have opened in 2020, and it gets even better — the 6th place is occupied by a shop that opened doors in 2021. The secret is once again face masks, the item with skyrocketing sales in 2020.

Toys & Games

Toys & Games is one of the two categories in which the US shops have been outdone. The undisputed champion in this category is BusyPuzzle from Ukraine, with 446,000 sales in total. Moreover, this is the most successful shop in the category in the last 30 days, with nearly 5,000 completed sales, meaning that they will probably be keeping their title for the foreseeable future.

Bags & Purses

This is the second category (together with Toys & Games) that is not ruled by a US shop. Instead, the winning place is held by another shop from Ukraine — SoGoodSoWood — with over 330,000 total sales. Only one more of the top 20 shops is not from the US (but from China). However, the most successful shops (if we consider sales per shop) include representatives from China and Ukraine, with an average of 800 sales per shop for both counties.

Books, Movies & Music

Books, Movies & Music is not among the popular categories on Etsy. There are less than 60,000 shops competing in this category, and the average number of sales per shop is 230. However, this does not mean that the category lacks potential. The shop with the highest number of sales in this category is NurseInTheMaking with over 132,000 sales.


Weddings — the category with only 50,000 shops, but reaching an average of 1,100 sales per shop. It sounds quite tempting if you’re wondering which direction to take on Etsy. The first place by total sales is claimed by ModParty with 1.3 million sales. Notably, the 11th position belongs to a shop that opened as late as 2019, but has already completed over 200,000 sales (and that’s without the help of face masks! Kudos to Rawkrft)

Electronics & Accessories

Electronics & Accessories boasts 50,000 competing shops and an average of 550 sales per shop. The shop with the highest number of sales in this category is LouMarksPhoto with over 400,000 sales.

Pet Supplies

The shop with the highest number of sales in this category is MadeByArtly from US with over 400,000 sales. The shops from Ukraine with an average of 1,650 sales per shop are the most successful shops.


Shoes is the category with the least competition in terms of both sellers and listings. This category’s analytics are not particularly enviable. The shop with the highest number of sales in the category — MacarenaCollection — has less than 100,000 completed sales and does not feature in the top 1000 best-selling shops on Etsy.

Hats off to the top shops on Etsy!

Hats off to the top shops on Etsy! It requires a lot of patience and hard work to be among the best. We hope that we inspired all the other sellers with the statistics we have shown.

Remember, you can check out the 100 most successful Etsy shops overall, by country or by category based on their sales numbers for the last day, week or month without registration on And if you want to see which shops are your direct competitors and how well they are doing, register on and use our Shop Explorer’s multiple options for searching and filtering all active shops on Etsy.

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