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Best Selling Products on Etsy: Clothing

  • Post published:December 5, 2023
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In the bustling marketplace of Etsy, understanding the latest trends is vital for every seller, especially in the popular Clothing category. With over 400,000 active shops, the apparel segment is highly competitive and diverse. The majority of the sales in this category are driven by print-on-demand products. They are often personalized with personal photos, custom texts, or other unique elements. Interestingly, despite Etsy’s reputation for handmade and vintage items, there are almost no bestsellers that fall into these traditional categories.

This post delves into the best selling products on Etsy in the Clothing category, providing insights into current consumer preferences. These trends not only reflect the present demands but also offer a perspective for sellers to identify niche markets and opportunities. This enables them to tailor their offerings to meet the specific desires of Etsy’s diverse and discerning shoppers.

Personalized mama sweatshirt

Personalized Mama Sweatshirt with Kid Names from LoveSuna

A celebration of motherhood in every stitch, personalized mama sweatshirts are a standout item on Etsy. These comfortable, stylish sweatshirts often feature the names and birthdates of children, beautifully embroidered or boldly printed along the sleeves. They’re more than just a fashion statement – they’re a wearable journal of a mother’s journey, capturing the essence of family in a unique and fashionable way. The popularity of these sweatshirts lies in their ability to meld sentimentality with everyday style, making them an ideal gift for new mothers or a cherished item for any mom.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

KeywordSearch ScoreCompetition
mama sweater23 / 10087,624
dog mom sweater23 / 10050,129
embroidered mama sweatshirt22 / 1006,705

Custom face socks

Customized Face Socks from AlphaCreativeStudio

Taking personalization to a playful level, custom face socks are a whimsical hit. These socks come alive with the faces of loved ones, pets, or even celebrities, printed in vibrant colors. They’re not just a novelty item but a way to keep someone close in the most literal sense. Perfect for gifting or as a humorous personal accessory, these socks add a splash of fun to any wardrobe, making the mundane magnificent.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

KeywordSearch ScoreCompetition
socks with faces33 / 1009,343
funny socks28 / 10037,507
custom face socks27 / 1005,947

Custom pet portrait hoodie

Custom Dog Portrait Sweatshirt from DreamLakeStudioAU

A warm embrace of pet love, custom pet portrait hoodies are a hit among animal enthusiasts on Etsy. Sellers offer a range of customization options, from detailed, lifelike portraits to whimsical cartoon versions of pets. These hoodies are not only a fashion statement but also a heartfelt tribute to furry companions. They serve as a cozy reminder of the special bond between pets and their owners, making them a popular choice for pet lovers seeking both comfort and a personal touch.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

KeywordSearch ScoreCompetition
dog sweatshirt40 / 100158,142
custom pet hoodie18 / 1009,160
pet portrait shirt14 / 10022,527

Ugly Christmas sweater

Funny Ugly Christmas Sweater from ShopxMood

The ugly Christmas sweater has become a quirky symbol of festive cheer. These sweaters, ranging from charmingly kitsch to outright bizarre, feature a variety of themes, including classic holiday motifs, humorous messages, and pop culture references. They have gained a cult following for their ability to inject humor and light-heartedness into holiday gatherings and are a staple for holiday wardrobe collections, embodying the spirit of fun and togetherness that the season brings.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

KeywordSearch ScoreCompetition
ugly Christmas sweater82 / 100164,093
ugly Christmas shirt20 / 100133,408
ugly holiday sweater15 / 10089,826

Personalized pajamas

Custom Pet Pajamas from ModPawsUS

The comfort of pajamas combined with a personalized touch makes for a winning product on Etsy. These pajamas, customized with names, monograms, or unique designs, are perfect for cozy family photos, holiday mornings, or simply lounging in style. They make excellent gifts for all ages and are a favorite for creating memorable, matching family moments. The appeal lies in their ability to bring a touch of individuality to the intimate moments of relaxation and family bonding.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

KeywordSearch ScoreCompetition
family pajamas68 / 10063,471
pajama set43 / 10055,301
custom pajama21 / 10015,476
funny pajamas13 / 10036,659

Funny boxers

Custom boxer brief from ShiningGiftDesign

Funny boxers on Etsy are a testament to humor’s place in everyday life. With witty sayings, cheeky graphics, or personalized jokes, these boxers add an element of surprise and laughter to the wardrobe. They’re a popular gift choice for partners, friends, or even as a gag gift, proving that even the most ordinary items can be transformed into sources of joy and amusement.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

KeywordSearch ScoreCompetition
funny boxers17 / 1008,530
custom face boxers15 / 1001,885
custom boxers21 / 1009,850

Print-on-demand t-shirts

Custom Christmas Shirt from TeeCraftForYou

Etsy’s print-on-demand t-shirts are a canvas for individuality and expression. These t-shirts cater to a wide range of tastes and occasions, from quirky sayings to heartfelt messages, from personal photos to artistic designs. They allow customers to express their personality, commemorate events, or make a statement. This versatility and the ability to capture personal stories through apparel make them a perennial favorite.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

KeywordSearch ScoreCompetition
custom photo shirt21 / 10034,364
make your own shirt18 / 1008,292

Kimono cardigans

Floral kimono cardigan from FallAndHope

Kimono cardigans represent a fusion of traditional elegance and modern fashion. These flowing, often intricately patterned garments add a layer of sophistication to any outfit. They’re perfect for elevating a casual look or adding a unique touch to evening wear. The popularity of kimono cardigans on Etsy highlights the platform’s role in bringing diverse, global fashion trends to a wider audience.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

kimono robe35 / 10097,489
kimono cardigan26 / 10025,448

Matching t-shirts or sweaters

Funny Matching Sweatshirts from CuteTrendySweaters

A charming way to showcase unity, matching t-shirts or sweaters are a hit for groups, families, and couples. They’re popular for occasions like family reunions, anniversaries, or vacations, providing a fun and visual way to celebrate togetherness. These items often feature clever designs, humorous themes, or heartfelt messages, making them much more than clothing – they’re a way to create and capture memorable moments.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

KeywordSearch ScoreCompetition
couple sweatshirts37 / 10081,733
matching sweaters19 / 10095,907
funny couples shirt21 / 10066 995

Embroidered sweatshirts

Custom Text Embroidery Hoodie from EmbroideryOutfit

The classic look of embroidered sweatshirts, combined with a personal twist, has made them a sought-after item on Etsy. Whether it’s a subtle monogram, an intricate design, or a meaningful quote, the embroidery adds a touch of uniqueness to each piece. These sweatshirts strike the perfect balance between casual comfort and personalized style, appealing to those who seek to express their individuality through their clothing choices.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

KeywordSearch ScoreCompetition
embroidered sweatshirt100 / 100141,834
embroidered hoodie59 / 10062,423
embroidered crewneck28 / 10064,624

How to find best selling products on Etsy

Discovering best selling products or untapped product niches on Etsy is a challenging endeavor. The platform is brimming with an ever-increasing number of sellers globally, leading to intense competition in many niches. Moreover, emerging niches are quickly identified and saturated by competitors.

To excel in Etsy product research, speed and efficiency are key. It’s critical to avoid investing time in products that lack demand. Basing your decisions on guesswork or unverified intuition is a risk that could impact your success. Making informed decisions, grounded in solid data such as listing sales and keyword search volumes, is essential for achieving your goals.

Koalanda is specifically designed to assist with these challenges. It enables you to view all the top Etsy products currently on Etsy. Offering the most precise listing sales data that is updated daily, Koalanda stands out in the market. Its extensive variety of filters, such as by category or product type, renders the tool indispensable.

Additionally, Koalanda’s suite of Etsy keyword tools simplifies the process of finding long-tail keywords. With insights derived from actual user searches and purchasing behavior, Koalanda’s Search Score emerges as the optimal metric for identifying Etsy keywords that have high search volume and low competition.


In conclusion, the current best selling products on Etsy’s Clothing category vividly illustrate the dynamic and ever-changing nature of consumer preferences. Dominated by print-on-demand items, this trend emphasizes the growing importance of personalization and customization in online retail. While handmade and vintage items retain their unique appeal, they are notably less prevalent among the bestsellers. This shift highlights the necessity for Etsy sellers to innovate and adapt, catering to a market that increasingly values individuality and uniqueness. As the landscape of Etsy continues to evolve, the key to success lies in understanding and responding to these shifting trends, ensuring that one’s offerings resonate with the diverse and discerning shoppers of this vibrant online marketplace.

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