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Best Selling Products on Etsy: Jewelry

  • Post published:November 24, 2023
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Every Etsy seller wants to know what sells best on Etsy at any given time. This is particularly true in the competitive and diverse world of jewelry, where trends can shift rapidly, and consumer preferences are constantly evolving. Keeping a finger on the pulse of these changes is not just about staying relevant; it’s about harnessing the opportunity to thrive in a bustling marketplace.

To assist in this endeavor, this post will feature a carefully curated list of best selling products on Etsy from the Jewelry category, based on the last 30 days of sales data. These insights are more than just a snapshot of current preferences; they serve as a springboard for sellers to delve deeper and research these product suggestions further. By doing so, sellers can identify unique niches and opportunities within the broader trends, tailoring their offerings to meet the nuanced demands of Etsy’s diverse customer base.

Jewelry boxes

Custom Wooden Jewellery Box from InsJewelry

A timeless classic, the jewelry box remains a best-seller on Etsy. Its appeal lies in both its functionality and its potential for customization. Buyers seek jewelry boxes not just for organizing their treasures, but also for personal expression. Sellers have tapped into this demand by offering a variety of styles, from vintage-inspired designs to modern, minimalist aesthetics. Personalization options, such as monogramming, special messages, or unique decorative elements, add an extra layer of appeal, making these boxes not just storage solutions, but cherished keepsakes.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

KeywordSearch ScoreCompetition
jewelry travel case22 / 10019,857
leather jewelry case20 / 10012,142
custom jewelry box17 / 10049,063
engraved jewelry box13 / 10023,221

Name necklaces

Personalized Name Necklace from CaitlynMinimalist

The allure of the name necklace endures, with its popularity skyrocketing among Etsy shoppers. These pieces, often crafted to display a person’s name or initials in an array of fonts and styles, offer a unique blend of personalization and fashion. They appeal to a broad audience, ranging from those looking for a special gift to individuals wanting to celebrate their own identity. The versatility of materials – from gold and silver to more affordable options – allows sellers to cater to a wide range of budgets, further broadening their appeal.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

KeywordSearch ScoreCompetition
gold name necklace27 / 100144,515
custom name necklace26 / 100130,933
dog name necklace19 / 1009,848

Photo projection bracelets or necklaces

Custom Photo Projection Bracelet from ZKluckjewelry

Innovation meets sentimentality in the photo projection bracelet or necklace, a trending item that’s captivating Etsy buyers. These ingenious pieces of jewelry encapsulate cherished memories in a small, viewable photo projection, accessible whenever the wearer desires. Often chosen for commemorating special moments or as thoughtful gifts, they offer a novel way to keep loved ones close. The combination of emotional significance and technological novelty makes these items particularly sought-after, providing sellers with an opportunity to explore creative designs and customization options.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

KeywordSearch ScoreCompetition
photo bracelet40 / 10013,117
picture necklace33 / 10030,659
projection bracelet32 / 1002,311

Custom birthstone jewelry

Personalized Birthstone Bracelet from LusivaJewelry

Custom birthstone jewelry continues to be a perennial favorite on Etsy. These pieces, often personalized with gemstones representing the birth months of the wearer or their loved ones, strike a chord for their sentimental value. They range from simple, elegant designs to more elaborate, intricate creations, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Birthstone jewelry not only serves as a thoughtful gift for birthdays and anniversaries but also as a means for buyers to celebrate their own personal story or family connections.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

KeywordSearch ScoreCompetition
birthstone bracelet40 / 100123,317
family birthstone necklace20 / 10012,799

Wedding ring boxes

Personalized Wedding Ring Box from 520kittyhouse

The wedding ring box has emerged as a popular niche, with couples seeking unique and memorable ways to present their rings on their special day. Etsy sellers have responded by creating a variety of styles, from rustic wooden boxes to sleek, modern designs. Many offer customization options, such as engraving the couple’s names and wedding date, making these boxes a beautiful keepsake long after the wedding. This trend reflects a broader movement towards personalization and uniqueness in wedding accessories.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

KeywordSearch ScoreCompetition
double ring box37 / 1005,189
wedding ring box26 / 10048,020
engraved ring box16 / 1009,257

Croc charms

Number Croc Charms from QwKPrints

Croc charms have carved out a niche in the Etsy marketplace as a fun and quirky accessory. These small, customizable charms attach to the popular Croc shoes, allowing wearers to personalize their footwear with a wide range of designs and themes. From cute animals and floral patterns to personalized initials and pop culture references, the variety of Croc charms available caters to all ages and interests. This trend highlights a shift towards personalization in even the most unexpected of places, offering Etsy sellers a chance to showcase their creativity in a playful and popular product category.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

KeywordSearch ScoreCompetition
custom croc charm18 / 1002,572
letter croc charms16 / 100555
lights for crocs6 / 100457

Septum rings and clickers

Stardust Septum Ring from OuferJewelry

In the realm of body jewelry, septum rings and clickers have seen a significant rise in popularity. These pieces range from subtle and minimalist to bold and ornate, catering to a diverse array of style preferences. The increase in demand for these items reflects a growing interest in unique forms of self-expression through jewelry. Sellers offering a variety of designs, materials, and sizes are likely to attract customers looking for that perfect piece to complement their individual style.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

KeywordSearch ScoreCompetition
fake septum ring33 / 1003,467
gold septum ring31 / 10017,492
septum clicker19 / 10011,233

Couple bracelets

Matching Bracelets from BijounBoutique

Couple bracelets have become a sentimental favorite on Etsy. These bracelets, often sold in pairs, symbolize connection and unity between partners. They can be personalized with names, dates, or special messages, making them a popular choice for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or as a way to feel connected in long-distance relationships. The appeal lies in their ability to carry personal significance, embodying a special bond in a wearable, stylish form.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

KeywordSearch ScoreCompetition
matching bracelets39 / 10033 558
best friend bracelet22 / 10062,262
bestie bracelet17 / 1004,878

Watch boxes

Personalized Watch Box from PongsArt

The watch box is another high-demand item, particularly among those looking for a sophisticated way to store and display their timepieces. These boxes combine functionality with elegance, often featuring high-quality materials like wood, leather, and velvet. Personalization options such as monogramming or engraving make these boxes popular gifts, especially for milestones like graduations, retirements, or anniversaries. The watch box is more than just a storage solution; it’s a statement piece that appeals to Etsy buyers looking for a blend of luxury and utility.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

KeywordSearch ScoreCompetition
leather watch box14 / 1005,260
personalized watch box12 / 1007,087
travel watch box9 / 1003,581

Minimalist jewelry

Sterling Silver Minimalist Necklace from CaitlynMinimalist

Minimalist jewelry remains a strong trend, with its understated elegance and versatility. These pieces, characterized by simple lines and minimal design, appeal to buyers looking for jewelry that can be worn every day and easily paired with different outfits. Sellers tapping into this trend often focus on high-quality materials and craftsmanship, offering pieces that are both timeless and modern.

Some long-tail keywords to consider for this niche are:

KeywordSearch ScoreCompetition
geometric necklace82 / 100172,545
simple gold necklace33 / 10077,506
minimalist choker28 / 10089 799

How to find best selling products on Etsy

Discovering best selling products or untapped product niches on Etsy is a challenging endeavor. The platform is brimming with an ever-increasing number of sellers globally, leading to intense competition in many niches. Moreover, emerging niches are quickly identified and saturated by competitors.

To excel in Etsy product research, speed and efficiency are key. It’s critical to avoid investing time in products that lack demand. Basing your decisions on guesswork or unverified intuition is a risk that could impact your success. Making informed decisions, grounded in solid data such as listing sales and keyword search volumes, is essential for achieving your goals.

Koalanda is specifically designed to assist with these challenges. It enables you to view all the top Etsy products currently on Etsy. Offering the most precise listing sales data that is updated daily, Koalanda stands out in the market. Its extensive variety of filters, such as by category or product type, renders the tool indispensable.

Koalanda top Etsy products

Additionally, Koalanda’s suite of Etsy keyword tools simplifies the process of finding long-tail keywords. With insights derived from actual user searches and purchasing behavior, Koalanda’s Search Score emerges as the optimal metric for identifying Etsy keywords that have high search volume and low competition.


As an Etsy seller, your success hinges on staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving jewelry market. This journey through Etsy’s current best-sellers, from the classic appeal of minimalist jewelry to the personalized charm of name necklaces, is your roadmap to understanding what buyers are seeking. Embrace these trends, infuse them with your unique creative flair, and watch as your Etsy store flourishes in this dynamic and exciting marketplace.

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