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Etsy Sales Report – October 2023

  • Post published:November 4, 2023
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Each month we will be publishing on the Koalanda blog a brief report on the Etsy sales of the preceding month. Here is the report for October 2023.

Sales on Etsy in comparison with previous months

As anticipated, sales on Etsy for October have exceeded those in September. This marks the fourth consecutive month of growth. This month, sales have increased by 2.4% compared to September. If this seems like a modest rise, just wait until next month to witness the even more substantial increase.

Average Daily Sales on Etsy May 2023- October 2023

The chart below illustrates a gradual yet distinct uptick in sales compared to previous months. What’s particularly noticeable is the sales spike that occurred between October 9th and 11th, which is unusual for regular weekdays. However, similar to last month, this surge can be attributed to an Etsy promotion. This time around, the promotion was even more enticing, with Etsy offering a $10 discount on eligible orders of $40 or more for shoppers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany. Clearly, this led to a substantial increase in sales. Despite the larger discount compared to September, September 17th remains Etsy’s top-selling day.

Daily Sales on Etsy August 2023 - October 2023

Sales on Etsy by category in October

When it comes to individual categories, we notice that, for the most part, there aren’t any significant drops or surges in sales from September to October. The category experiencing the most substantial growth is Home & Living (6%), followed by Toys & Games (just over 5%). However, the Electronics & Accessories category saw a decrease of around 6% in sales.

Sales Growth on Etsy by Category - October 2023

The most significant decline is observed in the Wedding category, which is unsurprising as the wedding season typically winds down during the winter compared to the busier summer months. It will be intriguing to see if, despite the expected decrease in this category, we might witness a noteworthy uptick in sales for Black Friday.

Sales on Etsy by Category - May 2023 - October 2023

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Sales on Etsy by country in October

This month, we’re observing sales growth in nearly all countries when compared to September. In October, only sellers from the USA and China reported lower sales. The drop in sales from US shops is just under 2%. However, for the first time in a while, we’re noticing a different trend in platform-wide sales and those from US shops.

United States9.21%3.64%-1.81%
United Kingdom-3.19%6.04%11.80%
Sales growth compared to the previous month

The platform’s overall growth, despite the slight decline in US sales, which hosts the largest number of Etsy sellers, can be easily explained when we examine the data from three other countries: the UK, Germany, and Australia, all showing approximately 12% growth.

Daily Sales August 2023 - October 2023 - USA and UK

A significant uptick in sales is also evident from Turkish shops on Etsy, exceeding 11%.

Daily Sales August 2023 - October 2023 - Turkey, Australia and Germany

Newly opened shops on Etsy in October

In October, 209,389 new Etsy shops emerged, showing a rise of around 5% compared to the shops that were launched in September.

Top 10 most successful Etsy sellers in October

The 10 shops with the highest number of sales in October were:

RankEtsy ShopMonthly SalesCountryCategory
1CaitlynMinimalist48,823United StatesJewelry
2SilverRainSilver34,040United KingdomJewelry
3DesignArtATX23,305CanadaHome & Living
4TwistStationery21,902United KingdomPaper & Party Supplies
5WarungBeads21,504United StatesCraft Supplies & Tools
6MyPorchPrints20,318United StatesCraft Supplies & Tools
7ArrowGiftCoLtd19,853United KingdomPaper & Party Supplies
8Beadboat118,903United StatesCraft Supplies & Tools
9HeatherRobertsArt18,372United StatesCraft Supplies & Tools
Top Shops on Etsy – October 2023

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