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Etsy Sales Report – July 2022

  • Post published:August 18, 2022
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Each month we will be publishing a brief report on the Etsy sales of the preceding month on the Koalanda blog. Here is the report for July 2022.

Sales on Etsy in comparison with previous months

The average daily Etsy sales in July don’t show any significant hikes or drops. At the same time, the last week of July exhibits a slow but steady increase which brings hope for the upcoming months.

Daily Sales on Etsy - May 2022 - July 2022
Daily Sales on Etsy – May 2022 – July 2022

The general tendency of decreasing monthly sales continues in July as well. However, the total number of sales in July is just 1% less than the sales in June. In the previous months, this number was about 4%. Considering the slight increase in the last weeks of July it seems like we can hope that the sales will slowly start picking up in August.

Average Daily Sales on Etsy - February - July 2022
Average Daily Sales on Etsy – February – July 2022

Sales on Etsy by category in July

Diving deep into the various Etsy categories reveals that almost half of them (7 out of 15) have already started growing. The most significant sales growth can be seen in Bags & Purses (almost 3%), Jewelry (2%), Toys & Games (1.7%), and Weddings (1.6%). Even though the numbers are not that impressive yet, the expectations for a stronger August and September don’t seem too far-fetched and unrealistic.

Sales on Etsy by Category - February - July 2022
Sales on Etsy by Category – February – July 2022

Sales on Etsy by country in July

On the country level, some of the interesting sales patterns observed in June are preserved in June as well. For example, the daily sales in Germany on the weekends are significantly higher than the sales on the weekdays – the difference between the weakest and the strongest days in July exceeds 40%. The same pattern can also be seen in the United Kingdom, even though the difference is not as big.

Daily Sales - May-July 2022 (Australia and Canada)
Daily Sales – May-July 2022 (Germany and France)

The sales from Canada-based shops continue decreasing in July, even though the sales stabilize in the last few days of the month. On the other hand, the sales from Australian shops have been climbing steadily throughout the entire month. The average daily sales from Australia are 9% up compared to June. This is most likely caused by the removal of Covid restrictions and the recovery of the delivery services.

Daily Sales – May-July 2022 (Australia and Canada)

Newly opened shops on Etsy in July

132,765 shops were registered on Etsy in July.

Top 10 most successful Etsy sellers in July

The 10 shops with the highest number of sales in July were:

RankEtsy ShopMonthly Sales – July’22CountryCategory
1CaitlynMinimalist39,409United StatesJewelry
2ModParty28,771United StatesWeddings
3BeadBoat126,853United StatesCraft Supplies & Tools
4AcornandCrowStudio25,040United StatesElectronics & Accessories
5SeedGeeks19,276United StatesHome & Living
6HeatherRobertsArt18,099United StatesCraft Supplies & Tools
7DesignMyPartyStudio18,073The NetherlandsPaper & Party Supplies
8AWildBloomPrintables17,328United StatesWeddings
9DOMEDBAZAAR17,065ChinaCraft Supplies & Tools
10SouthernSeedExchange16,032United StatesHome & Living
Top Shops on Etsy – July 2022


One holiday which is worth mentioning is July 4 – the USA Independence Day. Our data show that there aren’t any significant sales increases around this date.

There are two important holidays in August which deserve our attention. The first one is Assumption of Mary (August 15). The Feast of the Assumption of Mary is a very important day in the Catholic religion – it is even called the ‘Easter of the summer in some parts of Europe. Assumption Day is a public holiday in many European countries such as Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, and Switzerland. However, considering the essence of this holiday we don’t expect any sales increase caused by it. On the other hand, Women’s Equality Day on August 26 might be an excellent opportunity to release some new related products.

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