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Etsy Sales Report – June 2024

Each month we will be publishing on the Koalanda blog a brief report on the Etsy sales of the preceding month. Here is the report for June 2024.

Sales on Etsy in comparison with previous months

We love starting our monthly reports with news of sales growth compared to previous months. We know Etsy sellers look forward to such updates, hoping it means more opportunities for their products. Unfortunately, in June, we saw a decline in sales compared to May. This drop, just over 5%, is slightly larger than the one observed 30 days ago (3%).

Daily Sales on Etsy - April - June 2024

If we look at the graph of average daily sales on Etsy over the past six months, the trend is clear.

Average Daily Sales on Etsy - January 2024 - June 2024

However, we want to reassure you. There’s no need to rush to find another platform for your business. Everything is fine with Etsy, and such fluctuations are normal. To illustrate this, we compared sales for the first six months of 2023 with those of the first half of this year. While 2024 seems less successful so far, especially in terms of the number of sales on the platform, we see that gradual declines during the summer months are a normal pattern.

Average Daily Sales on Etsy - January - June 2023 vs. 2024

Sales on Etsy by category in June

Let’s take a look at sales by category. At first glance, the graph doesn’t look very optimistic – sales have declined by over 2% in 13 out of 15 categories. The largest drops are in Bath & Beauty (over 11%) and Clothing (9%). Home & Living also shows a decline of about 8%.

Sales Growth on Etsy by Category - June 2024

The only categories with increased sales in June compared to May are Toys & Games (nearly 3%) and Pet Supplies (1%). Even in the Weddings category, despite summer being the peak wedding season, there’s a decline, although it’s lower than the platform average (around 3%).

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Sales on Etsy by country in June

Almost always, when we look at sales by country, the trends in the USA closely match the overall trends on Etsy. This makes sense, given that more than two-thirds of sellers are based in the USA. However, this month, we’ve seen a significantly larger decline for US sellers – nearly 10%, which is double the average decline for Etsy in June. In contrast, shops from the UK performed better, showing a growth of 4.5% compared to May.

Daily Sales April - June 2024 - USA and UK

French shops saw an even larger increase of almost 7%, which is the highest growth among the top 10 selling countries on Etsy. French sellers also experienced a similar increase last month. It will be interesting to see if they can maintain this trend in the coming months.

Daily Sales April - June 2024 - France and Australia

Sellers from Türkiye continued to see a decline in June. Interestingly, when we look at the sales charts for the last three months from Ukraine and China, their trends are nearly identical, with very similar peaks and troughs throughout the months.

Daily Sales April - June 2024 - Turkiye, China and Ukraine
United States2.52%-3.48%-9.47%
United Kingdom-2.44%-0.41%4.49%
Sales growth compared to the previous month

Newly opened shops on Etsy in June

In June, 103,519 new shops opened on Etsy, which is over 10,000 fewer than in May. The number of new shops opening each month continues to decline since Etsy introduced a one-time setup fee of $15 for some new sellers. For comparison, in June of last year, more than twice as many new shops were opened – 224,975.

Top 10 most successful Etsy sellers in June

The 10 shops with the highest number of sales in June were:

RankEtsy ShopMonthly SalesCountryCategory
1ArrowGiftCoLtd47,191United KingdomPaper & Party Supplies
2SilverRainSilver36,335United KingdomJewelry
3CaitlynMinimalist33,317United StatesJewelry
4WarungBeads31,291United StatesCraft Supplies & Tools
5TheGreenEscape21,288United StatesHome & Living
6SeedGeeks20,188United StatesHome & Living
7wunderwunsch18,122GermanyHome & Living
8CrochetGrove17,516United StatesCraft Supplies & Tools
9ModParty15,360United StatesWeddings
Top Shops on Etsy – June 2024

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August is traditionally a vacation month. Most customers will be on family holidays at the beach or in the mountains, likely not thinking about online shopping. With no major holidays to drive sales, it’s the perfect time for you to take a break and recharge. You can’t work all the time; you need relaxation and inspiration.

This month, the annual Perseid Meteor Shower will light up the night sky, peaking on August 12-13. Take a moment to enjoy the stars and the summer heat.

If a full month off seems too much, especially if you’re running your Etsy shop on your own, use August to prepare for the upcoming sales boom in November and December. Think about creating original products or improving last year’s offerings. Analyze last winter’s season if your shop isn’t new, and try to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Also, thoroughly research your competition to avoid unpleasant surprises during the peak season when it’s too late to make changes.

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