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Etsy Sales Report – May 2024

Each month we will be publishing on the Koalanda blog a brief report on the Etsy sales of the preceding month. Here is the report for May 2024.

Sales on Etsy in comparison with previous months

In our previous report, we started with positive news, hopeful that we were witnessing a sustainable growth in Etsy sales. The last week of April showed visible improvement and seemed promising. Unfortunately, our hopes did not materialize, and sales in May have decreased compared to April.

Daily Sales on Etsy - March-May 2024

The drop is about 3%—on one hand, nothing dramatic (Etsy is not collapsing due to occasional monthly declines of a few percent). On the other hand, while we’ve seen relatively stable sales levels since the beginning of the year, there is also a noticeable lack of significant growth month over month.

Average Daily Sales on Etsy - December 2023 - May 2024

Sales on Etsy by category in May

The chart depicting the growth (or decline) of Etsy sales by category in May compared to April might seem somewhat misleading and unnecessarily negative. At first glance, it appears to show a more significant decline than the average 3% for the platform. However, it’s important to look at which categories experienced the most significant drops – Shoes and Pet Supplies, which have a relatively small share of the platform’s overall sales.

In contrast, there is growth in two key categories: Paper & Party Supplies and Clothing, which account for a large percentage of total sales on the platform.

Sales Growth on Etsy by Category - May 2024

Interestingly, even to the Koalanda team, is the decline in the Weddings category, contrary to our expectations given the summer season, a favorite for brides. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues in the coming months.

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Sales on Etsy by country in May

Sales from the US have seen a slightly above-average decline of around 3.5%. Meanwhile, sales from the UK have only dipped by half a percent compared to April, a decline so minimal it’s barely noticeable on the chart.

Daily Sales - March-May 2024 (USA and UK)

We often compare the sales of shops from France and Germany due to their geographical proximity and similar sales volumes, as well as to observe different trends in these markets. This month, German shops saw a decline of about 7% in sales, whereas French shops experienced a growth of approximately 7%. On the chart, the drop in German sales is clearly visible, while the growth in French sales appears much more modest. Therefore, it’s always important to look at the actual numbers behind such charts.

Daily Sales - March-May 2024 (France and Germany)

Comparing sales from Australia and China over the last quarter, we see a trend of declining sales in Australia and gradual growth in China. For the third consecutive month, Chinese shops have reported an increase in sales. Although this month’s growth is more modest (just over 2%), this trend is noteworthy.

Daily Sales - March-May 2024 (Australia and China)
United States-0.61%2.52%-3.48%
United Kingdom-5.12%-2.44%-0.41%
Sales growth compared to the previous month

Newly opened shops on Etsy in May

In May, 114,446 new shops were opened on Etsy, which is 7,000 fewer than the previous month. As expected, this number continues to decline each month since Etsy introduced a one-time setup fee of $15 for some new sellers before they can start their business. This fee seems to have deterred many sellers who previously opened numerous (sometimes dozens of) shops that struggled to become competitive on the platform.

As a result, we might see a lower overall number of new shops on Etsy over time. However, this won’t necessarily mean that competition has decreased.

Top 10 most successful Etsy sellers in May

The 10 shops with the highest number of sales in May were:

RankEtsy ShopMonthly SalesCountryCategory
1CaitlynMinimalist49,045United StatesJewelry
2ArrowGiftCoLtd37,588United KingdomPaper & Party Supplies
3SilverRainSilver36,443United KingdomJewelry
4WarungBeads34,715United StatesCraft Supplies & Tools
5SeedGeeks29,136United StatesHome & Living
6DesignArtATX27,009CanadaHome & Living
7TheGreenEscape24,704United StatesHome & Living
8MagicMangoStudios23,122United StatesArt & Collectibles
9TwistStationery22,140United KingdomPaper & Party Supplies
10SouthernSeedCo19,245United StatesHome & Living
Top Shops on Etsy – May 2024

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In July, we can’t ignore the significance of July 4th, which is special for everyone in the US, where the largest percentage of buyers are located. Etsy is already filled with holiday products—from digital files and t-shirts to wall decor and patriotic knitted gnomes. It’s not too late to join the race for customers, but you’ll need to be very original to stand out.

July 14th marks Bastille Day, France’s national holiday. Review your customer data and consider catering to your French audience if you have a significant number of buyers from France.

Speaking of France, there’s something very special happening in July that will capture the world’s attention—the Paris Olympic Games, starting on July 26th. This is not just a continental championship but the major sporting event of the last four years. It’s likely that some of your customers are sports fans. Think about offering products that align with this global event.

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