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Etsy Sales Report – May 2023

Each month we will be publishing on the Koalanda blog a brief report on the Etsy sales of the preceding month. Here is the report for May 2023.

Sales on Etsy in comparison with previous months

In May, we noticed a decline in sales on Etsy, similar to what we observed in our report in April. The average daily sales on the platform in May were slightly less than 3% lower compared to April. It’s worth noting that this is the second consecutive month of declining sales after the increase we saw in March. However, there’s no need to be overly concerned about it as the decline is not significant and is typically expected during these months. Summer months are generally not the strongest for Etsy as a whole, so it’s not surprising to see the average daily sales in May being the lowest since the beginning of the year.

Image-Average Daily Sales on Etsy - December 2022 - May 2023

Interestingly, May 27th marked the day with the lowest sales on Etsy for the first five months of 2023. Once again, this weaker day fell on a weekend, just like the weakest day in April. This is not a typical pattern for Etsy sales. It’s worth noting that May 27th also coincided with the third and final day of Shavuot, a Jewish observance. However, it’s uncertain whether we can attribute the decline in sales on that day to the holiday itself.

Image-Daily Sales on Etsy - March 2023-May 2023

Sales on Etsy by category in May

The sales data for different categories on Etsy in May shows no significant variations. In general, the first half of the month performed better than the second half across all categories. Most categories experienced lower sales in May compared to April.

Image - Sales on Etsy by Category - December 2022 - May 2023

The largest declines were observed in Pet Supplies (9%) and Bath & Beauty (8%) categories. There was also a notable decrease of 7% in categories like Books, Movies & Music, Craft Supplies & Tools, Electronics & Accessories, and Toys & Games. However, the Bags & Purses category showed a slight upward trend with a 2% growth in comparison to April sales. Surprisingly, even the Weddings category, which had been consistently growing each month since the beginning of the year, saw a minor decline of around 3% in May.

Image - Sales Growth on Etsy by Category - May 2023

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Sales on Etsy by country in May

The sales decrease during May is also noticeable across most individual countries. Stores from 9 out of the top 10 countries with the highest Etsy sales experienced a decline compared to April. The only exception is France, where French stores saw a nearly 5% increase in average daily sales. The largest drop was observed in Chinese stores, with a decrease even greater than the previous month, surpassing 8%. Ukrainian stores have faced a decline in sales for the third consecutive month.

United States0.43%-1.87%-3.09%
United Kingdom4.43%-9.37%-2.73%
Sales growth compared to the previous month

On the other hand, sales from stores in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France showed significant growth in the final days of the month, indicating a potentially better June for sellers.

Image Daily Sales March 2023-May 2023 - USA and UK

German stores maintained relatively stable sales in May, with daily sales averaging almost the same as in April. Following the substantial 9.5% growth in March and a significant decline of over 10% in April, sales for German stores remained steady throughout May.

Image Daily Sales March 2023-May 2023 - Germany and France

Newly opened shops on Etsy in May

A total of 243,510 new stores were registered on Etsy in May. This number is almost the same as the registrations in April.

Top 10 most successful Etsy sellers in May

The 10 shops with the highest number of sales in May were:

RankEtsy ShopMonthly SalesCountryCategory
1CaitlynMinimalist48,166United StatesJewelry
2BaileyDesignedCo28,400United StatesArt & Collectibles
3SeedGeeks24,883United StatesHome & Living
4SilverRainSilver23,861United KingdomJewelry
5ModParty20,705United StatesWeddings
6TaraSparkes19,625AustraliaPaper & Party Supplies
7TheGreenEscape19,528United StatesHome & Living
8HeatherRobertsArt19,323United StatesCraft Supplies & Tools
9PersonalizedShed18,524United StatesHome & Living
10WarungBeads18,402United StatesCraft Supplies & Tools
Top Shops on Etsy – May 2023

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You still have time to get ready for July 4th. The majority of Etsy buyers are from the USA, and they might be actively searching for something special on Etsy to celebrate the holiday. Take a moment to consider if you have suitable products that cater to their needs, and don’t forget to optimize your titles and tags to increase visibility.

As for August, there are no major holidays that typically result in a significant boost in Etsy sales. It’s a month when many people prioritize family vacations, which can make it the slowest month of the year for several stores. Instead of feeling discouraged, use this time to rest and recharge. Take advantage of your free time to rejuvenate and prepare yourself, because the upcoming months are bound to be busier and more demanding.

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