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What is Etsy SEO

  • Post published:August 19, 2023
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If you’re just stepping into the vibrant world of Etsy, you’ve probably already heard the term “Etsy SEO” more times than you can count. Based on our experience, this concept tends to intimidate newcomers the most. But, here’s the good news: Etsy SEO, while it may seem complex, is actually fairly straightforward and logical once you grasp its fundamentals. Through this article, we aim to demystify Etsy SEO, breaking it down into simple, digestible parts. Our goal is to not only explain what Etsy SEO is, but also to reassure you that mastering it is not as daunting as it might initially appear.

What is Etsy SEO?

What is ETSY SEO

Definition and explanation of Etsy SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. On Etsy, this means the process of optimizing your Etsy shop and product listings to make them more appealing to Etsy’s search algorithm. When your listings are properly optimized, they’re more likely to appear higher in search results when potential buyers search for products like yours. This higher positioning means that more buyers will see your products and this will increase your opportunities for sales.

It’s important to understand that Etsy SEO is a natural process, driven by the goal of providing superior listings, products, and an overall shop experience to your customers. All of the factors affecting SEO (as discussed below) are elements of your shop that require improvement, irrespective of whether you fully comprehend what SEO is. For example:

  • you want to have good product descriptions because this way you will earn the customer’s trust;
  • you want to have quality photos because this way customers will see and understand your products better;
  • you want to gain good reviews because you want happy and returning customers.

So, rather than viewing SEO as a complex technical process, consider it a natural guideline for enhancing your shop.

Difference from Google SEO

It’s crucial to understand that Etsy SEO is fundamentally different from Google SEO. While Google SEO entails optimizing your website to rank higher in Google’s search results, Etsy SEO involves optimizing your Etsy shop to appear higher in Etsy’s search results. The strategies to enhance your Etsy SEO significantly differ from those applicable to Google. Understanding this distinction is vital to ensure you don’t expend time and resources optimizing the wrong aspects.

Focus on Etsy SEO

The advantages of optimizing your Etsy shop for Google are debatable, considering the substantial effort required. In fact, we at Koalanda believe that if you’re planning to optimize your Etsy shop for Google, it makes more sense to establish your own online shop and focus your optimization efforts there. For these reasons, this article will center on Etsy SEO, equipping you with strategies to enhance visibility within the Etsy platform itself.

Why is Etsy SEO important?

We can’t overstate the importance of Etsy SEO for your success. The main benefits of having good SEO are listed below.

Benefits of Having Good ETSY SEO

Increased Visibility

Etsy SEO makes your products more visible to users on the platform. By using the right keywords, titles, and tags, your listings will appear higher in search results when potential customers are looking for items similar to yours. Without proper SEO, your products might get lost among thousands of other listings. Ultimately, more people seeing your products will lead to more people buying your products.

Targeted Traffic

Having lots of shop visitors doesn’t necessarily equate to more sales. You also need to attract the right visitors – people who are specifically searching for the products that you sell. Etsy SEO aids in achieving that. It’s crucial to use only relevant keywords to describe your listings; otherwise, you may end up with many visitors who leave disappointed when they discover that you don’t sell what they need. This targeted approach leads to higher conversion rates, as visitors are more likely to make a purchase when they find exactly what they’re looking for.


Best of all, good Etsy SEO attracts traffic for free! Customers arriving via organic Etsy search results don’t cost you a penny. Compare this to paid Etsy ads where a single click can easily cost $0.50! Therefore, having good Etsy SEO also results in significant cost savings. In fact, even if you run Etsy ads, good SEO remains a necessity. Without it, those paid clicks are less likely to convert effectively.

Competitive Edge

Etsy is a popular platform with millions of sellers worldwide. Without effective SEO, it would be challenging to stand out from the competition. Good Etsy SEO practices can give your shop a competitive edge, helping your products rank higher than similar items from other sellers.

Etsy search ranking factors

Etsy’s search algorithm, like all search engines, uses a complex set of factors to decide how to rank listings in search results. Understanding these factors can help you optimize your shop and listings and improve your rankings. Here are some of the key factors that Etsy considers.

ETSY Search Ranking Factors

Relevancy – Etsy’s algorithm matches the keywords that shoppers use in their search with keywords in your listing’s title, tags, categories, and attributes. The better your keywords match a shopper’s search, the higher your listings may rank.

Recency – New listings tend to get a temporary boost in Etsy search results. This is because Etsy wants to give new items a chance to be seen and engage with shoppers.

Listing Quality Score – Etsy assigns a quality score to each listing based on the listing’s performance. This score is determined by how often users engage with your listing when they see it in search results. The more purchases, favorites, and clicks your listing receives, the higher your listing quality score.

Shop completeness – A fully completed Etsy shop, including comprehensive policies and an engaging About section, contributes to your Etsy SEO ranking. Clear shop policies and a compelling About section build trust, enhance the buyer experience, and project a professional image, all of which can influence your shop’s placement in search results.

Shipping Price – Etsy encourages sellers to offer competitive shipping prices, including free shipping. Lower or even free shipping costs can positively impact your listing’s ranking in search results. This is particularly true for the US, where a free shipping guarantee can boost a listing’s position in search results.

Customer & Market Experience Score: Etsy also assigns a score to sellers based on their customer service history and overall experience in the marketplace. Factors that contribute to this score include the number and quality of reviews, order and case dispute rates, and how well you adhere to Etsy’s selling policies. If a customer opens a case against your shop try to resolve it as soon as possible. Make sure to read the essential rules for selling on Etsy before listing your products.

The importance of keywords in Etsy SEO

Arguably one of the most crucial and challenging aspects of Etsy SEO is the effective use of keywords. Keywords serve as the backbone of your SEO strategy, helping Etsy’s search algorithm understand what your listings are about and how they should be categorized in search results. The selection of these keywords should not be a guessing game; instead, it should be a data-driven decision.

Screenshot Koalanda Keyword Tool

Tools like Koalanda’s Etsy Keyword Tool can be instrumental in this process. It provides relevant keyword suggestions and offers valuable insights into real keyword search volumes. By using such a tool, you can select high-performing and relevant keywords for your products, ensuring that your listings align with what potential buyers are actively searching for.

Myths about Etsy SEO

In this section, we’ll debunk some common myths about Etsy SEO that may mislead sellers and prevent them from effectively optimizing their shops. Understanding these myths will help you set realistic expectations and formulate a more successful SEO strategy. You can a more in-depth analysis on the topic in our dedicated article – 10 Etsy SEO Myths.

Mythscabout ETSY SEO

Myth 1: More listings mean better visibility

While it’s true that having more items in your shop can potentially lead to more visibility, simply having a high number of listings doesn’t guarantee better SEO. Quality over quantity matters. A shop with carefully optimized, high-quality listings can rank higher than a shop with numerous poorly optimized ones.

Myth 3: SEO is all about keywords

While keywords are important in Etsy SEO, they aren’t everything. Other factors like the quality of your product photos, your shop’s reviews, and the user experience you provide all contribute to your Etsy SEO.

Myth 3: Your SEO must be perfect to be successful

Etsy SEO is a dynamic journey rather than a one-time task. The process is iterative and continuous – introduce modifications, analyze the outcomes, and refine your strategy accordingly. Striving for perfection should not hinder your progress; it’s better to have good SEO in place today than to wait for an elusive perfect SEO tomorrow.


Etsy SEO is an essential aspect of successfully selling on Etsy. It’s a unique, platform-specific process that optimizes your Etsy shop to rank higher in Etsy’s search results, distinct from standard Google SEO. It’s not about perfecting complex algorithms, but about enhancing the natural process of improving your listings, products, and overall shop experience. Implementing effective Etsy SEO practices can make your products more visible, attract relevant customers, improve sales, and give your shop a competitive edge, all while saving money on paid ads. Understanding and mastering Etsy SEO is a strategic step that can significantly propel your Etsy business forward.

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