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Etsy Sales Report – February 2024

Each month we will be publishing on the Koalanda blog a brief report on the Etsy sales of the preceding month. Here is the report for February 2024.

Sales on Etsy in comparison with previous months

The February report doesn’t start overly optimistically. However, following the over 30% decline in January, there’s a glimmer of hope this month. While there’s still a decrease in sales compared to the previous month, the drop is almost negligible at 0.5%.

Average Daily Sales on Etsy - September 2023 - February 2024

The chart illustrating sales over the last 3 months paints a clear picture. Things appear much the same as they did in January, with no significant declines or spikes in sales. Interestingly, February 14th and 15th show lower sales levels, which is expected as most people prioritize spending time with loved ones over online shopping during holidays.

Daily Sales on Etsy December 2023 - February 2024

Nevertheless, there’s no substantial spike before February 14th, indicating that while some sellers may have capitalized on the occasion by offering their products as gifts, the overall increase in these sales across the platform isn’t as pronounced.

Sales on Etsy by category in February

In most categories, we’re also noticing a slight downturn, though it’s relatively modest, ranging from 1-2%. However, for Paper & Party Supplies and Pet Supplies, the decline is more pronounced, at about 5%. The most notable drop is seen among sellers in the Books, Movies & Music category, with a decrease of over 11%. Conversely, growth is evident in only four categories, with the most substantial increase, albeit at 2%, observed in Home & Living and Shoes.

Sales Growth on Etsy by Category - February 2024

The chart below illustrates the movement of average daily sales for stores by category over the last 6 months.

Sales on Etsy by Category - September 2023 - February 2024

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Sales on Etsy by country in February

The data on countries has always held our keen interest. Sales from the USA consistently mirror the platform’s average in both values and trends, given the substantial percentage of sellers hailing from the USA. This month, sales from the USA dipped by approximately 0.8% compared to January. What’s intriguing is that six of the other top ten countries are showing growth. Excluding France, where the growth stands at 6%, the remaining five countries (the UK, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, and India) are experiencing growth ranging between 2% and 4%.

United States-7.83%-33.15%-0.81%
United Kingdom-16.50%-37.56%2.21%
Sales growth compared to the previous month

The most significant drop among these ten countries is seen in sales from China, down by nearly 10%. However, the scenario was reversed last month when Chinese stores were the only ones that had recorded increased sales compared to December.

Turning our attention to the graph below depicting sales over the last three months from stores in Germany and Canada, we notice that German stores have once again surpassed Canadian ones in February. While Canadian stores briefly outperformed in several days of January, the trend seems to favor a faster growth rate in sales from Germany compared to Canada.

Daily Sales - December 2023-February 2024 (Canada and Germany)

When comparing the sales patterns by day from China to Turkey, for instance (and most other countries), a much more evenly distributed sales trend is observed throughout the different days of the week.

Daily Sales - December 2023-February 2024 (Turkey and China)

Newly opened shops on Etsy in February

February brought no surprises in the count of new stores registering on our platform. 178,095 joined, a far cry from the almost quarter billion in the previous month. And it’s not just because February is shorter by a mere 1-2 days. Rather, it seems the New Year’s enthusiasm we saw in January has cooled off.

Top 10 most successful Etsy sellers in February

The 10 shops with the highest number of sales in February were:

RankEtsy ShopMonthly SalesCountryCategory
1CaitlynMinimalist68,209United StatesJewelry
2SeedGeeks55,550United StatesHome & Living
3WarungBeads36,956United StatesCraft Supplies & Tools
4ArrowGiftCoLtd36,217United KingdomPaper & Party Supplies
5SilverRainSilver30,972United KingdomJewelry
6TwistStationery24,401United KingdomPaper & Party Supplies
7SouthernSeedCo23,688United StatesHome & Living
8TheGreenEscape22,536United StatesHome & Living
9PintSizedPremium21,972United StatesClothing
10SeedCult19,634United StatesHome & Living
Top Shops on Etsy – February 2024

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