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Free Etsy Buyer Check

Protect yourself from bad Etsy buyers and scammers by checking the review history of your customers.

What is the Free Etsy Buyer Check tool?

The Free Etsy Buyer Check tool is a free online service available to Etsy sellers. It provides a way to view a buyer's review history for free. This functionality is unique to this tool, as no other service on the internet currently offers the same capability. It serves a practical purpose for you as a seller: when communication with a buyer seems questionable, you can use this tool to review the buyer's past activity on Etsy.

To use the tool, you need to input either the buyer's Etsy ID or the URL of their buyer profile. Once entered, the tool displays the buyer's reviews, including ratings, comments, the date of each review, and the details of the items and shops reviewed. This service is offered free of charge, providing you with a method to gain insights into the buyers you may potentially engage with on Etsy.

What more will I get if I sign up for Koalanda?

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Detailed statistics for your customers: country distribution over time, repeat buyers, and more.

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Statistics for your shop orders: average order price and discount, sales per order, and more.

Other Etsy tools

Access to all Koalanda tools for keyword, product, competition, and market research.

What data does the Free Etsy Buyer Check tool provide?

The Free Etsy Buyer Check tool catalogs reviews from Etsy buyers dating back to January 2022. It provides a comprehensive record, showing all reviews a buyer has left, whether they are positive or negative. The data includes specific details such as the rating given, the date of the review, the comments made, and information about the listing and the shop involved. This data is updated weekly, ensuring that the most recent reviews are as current as possible, though there may be a short delay of a few days before the latest reviews are visible.

Sellers using the tool can expect a high degree of accuracy and completeness from the data provided. This repository of buyer reviews is extensive, giving sellers a clear view of a buyer's activity on the platform. While not real-time, the weekly updates of the tool ensure that sellers are looking at the latest trends and behaviors in buyer reviews, which can be an invaluable aid in assessing the trustworthiness and expectations of buyers they are dealing with on Etsy.

Why use the Free Etsy Buyer Check tool?

Utilizing the Free Etsy Buyer Check tool is particularly beneficial in safeguarding yourself against problematic buyers. As Etsy's market grows, so does the diversity of buyer profiles, including those that may attempt to exploit seller vulnerabilities. Such buyers could range from those seeking to coerce sellers into providing free items to those with unrealistic service expectations akin to those provided by large, multimillion-dollar companies. This tool gives you the ability to identify and protect your business from such potential scams or unfair demands by offering a clear view of a buyer's past interactions and review patterns.

Investing time, effort, and capital into your Etsy shop warrants protection beyond what the platform may offer. This tool serves as a vital mechanism for that protection, allowing you to screen buyers who may have a history of leaving unjustly negative reviews or making unreasonable demands. By offering insight into the buyer's review history, the Free Etsy Buyer Check tool empowers you, the seller, with the necessary information to make informed decisions about with whom to conduct business, ultimately aiding in maintaining the health and reputation of your Etsy storefront.

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