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Explore the countries with the most Etsy shops, sales, and listings.

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What is the Free Top Etsy Countries tool?

The Free Top Etsy Countries tool is a simple online tool created with Etsy sellers in mind. By ranking countries based on the number of Etsy sellers, sales, or active listings, it provides a clear snapshot of where Etsy's active seller base is located globally. This can be especially useful if you're curious about the spread of sellers or where potential competitors might be based.

Additionally, its category filtering allows you to narrow down the rankings based on specific niches or product types. This can be particularly helpful if you want to get a sense of the landscape for your specific market segment. And the best part? It's available for free. So whether you're making strategic decisions for your shop or just curious about global trends, this tool offers you a simple and direct way to access the data you need.

What more will I get if I sign up for Koalanda?

Detailed country statistics

Access to detailed statistics and data about each country.

Top shops and listings

Access to the top shops and listings in each country.

Other Etsy tools

Access to all Koalanda tools for keyword, product, competition, and market research.

What data does the Free Top Etsy Countries tool provide?

For sellers seeking comprehensive data on the global Etsy marketplace, this tool offers a clear snapshot. Delving into its features, you'll find countries meticulously ranked based on specific metrics:

  • Total Shops: The total number of currently active Etsy sellers in each country.
  • Total Sales: The total number of sales for all time of the currently active shops in each country.
  • Total Listings: The total number of currently active listings in each country.
  • Sales per Shop: The total sales divided by the total shops, showcasing the efficiency of sellers from a particular country.

What sets this tool apart is its commitment to accuracy and freshness. The data you see isn't an estimate - it's sourced directly from all Etsy shops, ensuring 100% accuracy. Coupled with daily updates, you're guaranteed insights that are both current and precise. As you refine your strategies or assess market shifts, this reliable and timely data can be a game-changer.

Why use the Free Top Etsy Shops tool?

Market Research: Use the tool for high-level market insights, understanding the distribution of sellers and the potential areas of competition.

Competition Awareness: Identify where your main competitors are located and get a clearer perspective of the global competitive landscape.

Inspiration & Perspective: Embrace the global nature of Etsy and realize that success isn't bound by the size or prominence of your country.

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