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Essential Rules for Selling on Etsy

One of the most common questions that we see from Etsy sellers is “Why did my listing get removed?” or “Why was my Etsy shop closed?”. In the majority of cases the answer is surprisingly simple - there was a violation of Etsy’s rules. As an Etsy seller, it's essential to be aware of the platform's rules and guidelines, as they help you create a successful and enjoyable experience for both you and your customers. Not following them can lead to some unwanted consequences, like misunderstandings with fellow sellers, brands, or even the closure of your shop. Don't worry, though; we've got you covered! In this blog post, we'll explore the most important rules for selling on Etsy in an…

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Is Etsy Plus Worth it in 2023?

If you're an Etsy seller, you may have heard of Etsy Plus, a subscription service that offers additional features and perks to help you grow your business on the platform. But with the constant changes in the eCommerce industry and on Etsy itself, you may be wondering: is Etsy Plus still worth it in 2023? The Koalanda team receives questions about Etsy Plus all the time. This is why we decided to take a closer look at Etsy Plus and evaluate whether the benefits it offers justify the additional cost. We'll examine the features of Etsy Plus, weigh the pros and cons, and discuss how it fits into the current state of the Etsy marketplace. By the end of this…

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10 Etsy Strategies and Tactics Still Relevant in 2023

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Knowing that Etsy hosts millions of shops (and many more listings) all scrambling for the attention of customers can be daunting and disheartening. Yet, the platform appears to be the ideal space for the successful launching and development of small creative businesses. In fact, some businesses manage to attract thousands of buyers, realize considerable sales, and enjoy good financial performance. So, what is the key to their success? It’s not that big a secret, actually. It’s all about choosing and following the right business strategy. The application of effective marketing tactics is the recipe for financial prosperity. But which strategies and tactics work best for a platform like Etsy? Let us tell you a bit more about some of them.…

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How to Prepare Your Etsy Shop for Black Friday

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Black Friday is undoubtedly the day of the year that brings the most sales to many businesses, both online and traditional. In the e-commerce world, Etsy is no exception to this rule. Last year the sales on Etsy between Black Friday and Cyber Monday reached their annual peak, reaching a whopping 2100 sales per minute! (read more in this post). There is no reason to expect anything less than that at the end of this November. This year Black Friday falls on November 24, and it is coming fast. Many sellers have already started preparing for the event. If you still haven’t started preparing, better hurry up - it is never too late to increase your chances of improving your…

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