Five Key Factors for Etsy Success (Part I)

Low fees, ease of use, access to tens of millions of potential customers, and the possibility to operate in niche markets — these are just some of the advantages of the e-commerce platform Etsy. For the buyers, there is an abundance of unique boutique and handcrafted products. All this holds the promise of large sales volumes. But is it really so easy to sell on Etsy? What are the shortcuts to commercial success on the platform? Read on if you would like to know what are the five most important aspects to consider. 1. Sell Products Which Are in Demand One of the main mistakes that an artisan seeking to open an Etsy shop could make is to offer products…

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Etsy Sales Report – July 2022

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Each month we will be publishing a brief report on the Etsy sales of the preceding month on the Koalanda blog. Here is the report for July 2022. Sales on Etsy in comparison with previous months The average daily Etsy sales in July don't show any significant hikes or drops. At the same time, the last week of July exhibits a slow but steady increase which brings hope for the upcoming months. Daily Sales on Etsy - May 2022 - July 2022 The general tendency of decreasing monthly sales continues in July as well. However, the total number of sales in July is just 1% less than the sales in June. In the previous months, this number was about 4%.…

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10 Tools for Etsy Sellers You Will Only Find on Koalanda

As much as we sometimes wish we could manage our Etsy shop entirely by ourselves, this simply isn’t possible. In reality, some of the software products on the market not only save us time, but can actually do things that we cannot do ourselves. There is a host of different solutions for Etsy sellers out there, the majority of which are designed to help optimize listings. I mean, there is virtually no Etsy seller who hasn’t heard of eRank or Marmalead. But what about Koalanda? is one of the newest software assistants for Etsy sellers, so you may have not heard of it yet. You can see an overview of our platform or of our individual tools on our…

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5 Myths About Etsy

Every business decision we take should be based on hard data, rather than guesswork and intuition. This is just as true when it comes to decisions about our Etsy business. Most sellers are constantly searching for information on Google or social media. Unfortunately, the answers they find there are usually not backed by data, but simply reflect the speculative assumptions of other sellers. And if we are able to have a look at the real data in such cases, we will see that many assumptions presented as fact on the web are actually myths. So, in this blog post we decided to bust 5 of the most popular myths about Etsy, using the data that Koalanda collects about shops on…

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From Which Countries are the Most Successful Etsy Shops?

More than half of all buyers and sellers on Etsy are from the US. At the same time, Etsy is a truly international platform where shops from 232 countries and territories compete for a market share. Koalanda collects information for every active Etsy shop on a daily basis. Here are some of the interesting facts that our data show. Highest number of shops and sales The US is without question the country with the most sellers, sales and listings on Etsy. The second and third countries by these three criteria are the UK and Canada. The US holds the first place according to these criteria in each of the 15 categories on Etsy. In almost all of the cases, the…

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Do You Need Tools to Run Your Etsy Shop?

We know that the most important thing for you as an Etsy seller is to create amazing products that your clients love and are excited to buy. But we also know that this is not enough. There are so many different tasks around running your shop that it sometimes feels impossible to manage without help. In these cases, you can find tools that can help you. Many sellers on Etsy — as well as people planning to start a business on the platform — are probably wondering whether they really need such tools. Today we present some important points on both sides of the argument.

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Was the Etsy Strike a Success?

On 11 April 2022 the transaction fees for Etsy sellers increased from 5% to 6.5%. In response to the frustrating announcement, a group of sellers decided to express their protest by going on strike. The Koalanda team is going to look at the data and objectively analyze what happened during the strike period - how many shops were set to vacation mode, did Etsy sales drop during the Etsy strike and what are the possible reasons.

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7 Secret Features in Koalanda

Koalanda is a new platform that offers a number of helpful tools for sellers on Etsy. Some of its top features include a keyword tool, a listing editor and shop lists, supplemented by tons of useful data about the Etsy market. New features and tools are being developed and released regularly. Here are some of the currently existing ones that you might have overlooked, but which can be really benefit your business.

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